Zimbabwe Police Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal

Zimbabwe Police Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Portal www.zrp.gov.zw
Zimbabwe Police Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal www.zrp.gov.zw

Do you want to apply for Zimbabwe police recruitment 2024/2024? If yes, the ZRP application form, portal, requirements, how to apply, application deadline and other important information are provided on this page.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Recruitment 2024 is about to begin. Would you like to apply? If so, are you ready? How do you know you’re ready?

You know you’re ready by getting knowledgeable about the requirements, vacant positions, how to navigate your way around the application portal then apply.


This is exactly what this article will do. It will expose you to all necessary information concerning the Zimbabwe Police Recruitment.

Is Zimbabwe Republic Police Recruitment Form Out?

Yes, the Zimbabwe Republic Police recruitment form is out. You can apply online via the recruitment portal following the instructions in this article.

Note that the ZRP recruitment application form is free. Also, any citizen of Zimbabwe interested in the recruitment can apply.

You can also apply for:


Overview of ZRP Recruitment 2024

The recruitment of General Duty Constables into the ZRP is a decentralized process that begins at a Local Police Station. This is intended to reach the majority of people throughout the country.

The Officer in Charge, Community Relations Liaison Officers, and the ZRP’s Public Relations wing publicize the process through local media, community meetings, and various Career Guidance activities.

Regular General Duty members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police are assigned the rank of Constable upon attestation.

Requirements for Zimbabwe Police Recruitment 2024

To gain employment in the Zimbabwe Republic Police, for any positions there are certain criteria you must meet, specifically for the rank of constable. Below are the requirements for an appointment.

  • Applicant must be a Zimbabwe citizen with valid means of identification
  • Applicant should not be less than 18 and not more than 22 years of age at the time of application
  • Candidate applying must have a minimum of five Ordinary Level subjects with Grade C or better in not more than three sittings, of which English Language and Mathematics are compulsory.
  • Applicant should possess good communicative and interpersonal skills
  • Candidate applying should be of exemplary character.
  • Candidate should have a sound background with no criminal record or pending criminal prosecution.
  • Applicant must mandatorily meet the health requirements as recommended by a Police Medical Officer
  • During application, you will upload the original of your academic credentials

Coming out successful in the Zimbabwe police recruitment is not really a big deal if you can adhere to the above requirements.

Note that the selection process is very transparent; as such applicants are shortlisted based on merit. The merit here is simply meeting the criteria stated above.

So, you see how serious this is, ensure you carefully follow the application instructions.

Zimbabwe Police Ranks

There are twelve (12) ranks in the Zimbabwe Police Commission. The different positions in the Zimbabwe Republic police that you can apply for include the following:

S/N Rank
1 Commissioner General of Police
2 Deputy Commissioner General of Police
3 Commissioner of Police
4 Assistant Commissioner
5 Chief Superintendent
6 Superintendent
7 Chief Inspector
8 Inspector
9 Assistant Inspector
10 Sergeant Major
11 Sergeant
12 Constable

ZRP Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for the Zimbabwe Republic Police consists of several stages:


Applicants must complete an application form and attach the necessary documents, including certified copies of educational certificates, a birth certificate, and a national identity card.

Physical Fitness Test

Applicants must pass a physical fitness test that includes running, sit-ups, and push-ups.

Written Examination

Applicants who pass the physical fitness test are required to take a written examination that tests their knowledge of general knowledge, English Language, and Mathematics.



Successful applicants are invited for an interview. The interview panel will ask questions to determine the applicant’s suitability for the job.

Medical Examination

Successful applicants must undergo a medical examination to ensure that they are physically and mentally fit for the job.


Successful applicants are enrolled in a six-month training program at the Zimbabwe Republic Police Training Depot.

Zimbabwe Police Provincial Recruiting

To ensure that all sections of the population are adequately catered to, each province is allocated a certain number of places in each squad of 21 recruits commencing training.


The figure is based on the ratio of the population of each Province to the total population of the whole country. The population statistics to be used shall be those supplied by the Central Statistics Office.

How to Apply for Zimbabwe Police Recruitment 2024

Anyone interested in becoming a Constable in the Police Service should contact the Officer in Charge of the Police Station closest to his residence.

The Officer in Charge of the Police Station approached will conduct a personal interview with the applicant to ensure that he meets the minimum requirements and is otherwise qualified for appointment to the Service.

The Officer in Charge may reject any applicant who does not meet the minimum requirements while encouraging any applicant who does not meet the minimum requirements to reapply at a later date.


The applicant’s fingerprints are recorded and vetted to ensure that no unsuitable elements enter the Organization.

Pre-entry Tests (Aptitude Tests) are conducted at Provincial and other approved locations, where applicants are evaluated to determine their suitability to join the Service. This also includes a physical examination and an interview with a panel of experts.

Successful applicants are not guaranteed employment, but are placed on the Police General Headquarters’ Provisional Waiting List.

When there are vacancies in the Service, the names of applicants to be considered for appointment are drawn from the Waiting List on a first-come, first-served basis.


Applicants for Technicians and other Specialists

In general, all Technicians for the various Trades within the Zimbabwe Republic Police are Tradesmen who have served a recognized apprenticeship and qualified as Journeymen in the Class 1 and 2 Category with a formal education up to the Ordinary level.

Aside from skilled tradesmen, technicians include nurses, doctors, teachers, chaplains, and information technology officers.

When responding to an advertisement for vacant positions, applications for this category are submitted to Police General Headquarters. These should be addressed to the Staff Officer [Recruiting] at the Police General Headquarters, P O Box CY 34 Causeway Harare.

Zimbabwe Police Recruitment Closing Date

For now, the Zimbabwe Police has not officially commenced recruitment for 2024, as such we cannot tell when the recruitment is closing.


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Below are frequently asked questions we’ve answered regarding the ZRP recruitment exercise.

How long is police training in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe police training lasts for approximately four (4) weeks.

How can I obtain the Zimbabwe Republic Police recruitment application form?

You can obtain the application form by visiting your nearest Zimbabwe Republic Police station or by downloading it from the ZRP recruitment portal www.zrp.gov.zw.


Can I apply for the Zimbabwe Republic Police if I have a criminal record?

No, applicants with a criminal record are not eligible to join the Zimbabwe Republic Police. ZRP recruitment is strictly for applicants who have a clean background to avoid compromise in the exhibition of duties.

How often does the Zimbabwe Republic Police Recruit?

The Zimbabwe Republic Police recruits on a regular basis, depending on the need to fill vacancies. This could be yearly or even quarterly.

Can women apply for recruitment into the Zimbabwe Republic Police?

Yes, women are encouraged to apply for recruitment into the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

What is the salary for a police officer in Zimbabwe?

The salary for a police officer in Zimbabwe is between ₹41.1 Lakhs and ₹51.8 Lakhs as minimum depending on the position.

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