Zambia Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Portal is Out – Apply Here

Zambia Army recruitment 2023/2024 application form is out. If you wish to join Zambian Army, know about the requirements, how to apply, starting date, closing date, tips and other necessary information that will aid you become successful in Zambia army recruitment exercise.

Have you heard that Zambia Army recruitment is ongoing? Do you know that the opportunity is for all Zambia citizens? Great! In this article, I will guide you on how to properly apply for Zambia army jobs online through few steps.

Anyone interested in gaining employment into Zambia army must be ready to adhere to conducts guiding the job, not just that but you have to pay close attention to details in this recruitment exercise.

Is Zambia Army Recruiting this Year 2023/2024?

Zambian Defence Forces is currently receiving applications from suitably qualified candidates interested in Zambia Army recruitment 2023/2024. To avail yourself this opportunity, quickly read through the requirements and then visit the application portal.

Zambia Army Recruitment Categories

There are two categories for ZNS recruitment which are commissioned and non-commissioned. Note that the qualifications for each category varies, in other words you need to note the different between the two (2) below you proceed to apply.

Difference Between ZNS Commissioned and Non-Commission Officers

Commissioned Officers simply put are specialist and experienced applicants. This means that the applicant has gained experience over time in a particular discipline like accounting, engineering, medical, communication experts etc that makes him or her stand out of the rest.

Non-Commissioned Officers

While non-commissioned officers are freshers, those who may not have a particular discipline to focus or experience. Their aim is specifically to help defend the county i.e. field officers.

Requirements for Zambia Army Recruitment 2023/2024

There are general requirements for this recruitment exercise and specific requirements base on categorizes. So having known the difference between commissioned and non-commissioned officers, I guess you should know where to below now.

Prior to this, you should take note of the requirements and then specific role for the category you choose.

General Requirements for Zambia Army Recruitment

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Zambia
  • Applicant should have a national registration card
  • Candidate applying should be free of criminal record
  • He or she should be physically, mentally and medically fit
  • The applicant’s age must not exceed 35 or below 18 years as of the time of application

Requirements for Commissioned Officers

  • Applicants of this category must have a minimum academic qualification of c
  • Also, those that are 25 years and below should be college leavers.
  • Several years of experience is required, minimum of five (5) years

Requirements for Non-Commissioned Officers

  • Applicant should have 14 points and below
  • No experience is required

How to Apply for Zambia Army Recruitment 2023

To submit an application for Zambian army recruitment, write an application letter addressed to the commander in chief and submit to any of the province below.

Officer Applicants Only

The Recruitment Officer

Administration Branch

Army Headquarters

Arakan Barracks

P.O Box 31931


Officer and Soldier

Applicants in Provinces Addresses

Lusaka Province

The Recruitment Officer

1 Infantry Brigade Headquarters

P.O Box 32233

L85 Military Camp


Central Province

The Recruitment Officer

2 Infantry Brigade Headquarters

P.O Box 80409


Copperbelt Province

The Recruitment Officer

3 Infantry Brigade Headquarters

14 Misundu

P.O Box 70765


Eastern Province

The Recruitment Officer

Eastern Formation Headquarters

P.O Box 510644


Southern Province

The Recruitment Officer

Southern Formation Headquarters

P.O Box 630390


Western Province

The Recruitment Officer

Western Formation Headquarters

P.O Box 911306


North-Western Province

The Recruitment Officer

North-Western Formation Headquarters

P.O Box 4110066


Luapula Province

The Recruitment Officer

Luapula Formation Headquarters

P.O Box 710382


Northern Province

The Recruitment Officer

Northern Formation Headquarters

P.O Box 410038


Muchinga Province

The Recruitment Officer

Muchinga Formation Headquarters

P.O Box 480137


How Can I Join Zambian Army?

To join Zambia army, you need to be a citizen of Zambia, be between the age of 18-25, have the minimum academic qualification, be mentally and physically fit, have a valid national registration card, be free of criminal record, height for female is 5.4 while male is 5.8, also you should be able to express yourself orally and also in written form.

How Long is Zambian Army Training?

Zambia Amry training takes about three to six (3-6) months across all the training centers or provinces in the country including Central, Copperbelt, Eastern, Luapula, Lusaka, Muchinga, North-Western, Northern, Southern, Western etc.

How Do I Apply for the Army?

To submit an application for ZNS recruitment is to visit the online application portal, read the application instructions, select the position you want, fill the form with authentic and genuine information, upload necessary documents and then submit.

In conclusion, if you wish to apply for Zambia army recruitment kindly visit first to confirm if the application form is out and if out fil and submit the form as soon as possible. Note that submission must be done Six (6) weeks from the release of application form.

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  1. Dear sir/madam
    I’m here by applying for job as a Zambia air force soldier
    I’m a Zambian aged 24 I keep up in mazabuka southern province of Zambia if I will be considered I will be thankful
    I’m Namushi nyambe
    I’m very feat without any sickness
    I’m also a driver/heavy duty machine operator (Excavator,folklifter , front loader,T CE

    Contact details for any advice

  2. I be a soldier to save and protect my country and to achieve more in my country couse I love my country

  3. Dear sir/madam
    I am here by applying for zambia army,I am a zambian citizen with a green registration card.Am 21 years old,I stay in lusaka province of zambia and am very much fit without no any disadvantage. I completed my grade 12 in 2022 and I have 15 points
    I will be grateful to receive your update thank you
    For any update kindly update me via 0769464609/0973709419

  4. Am applying in the Zambian army to protect my mother land am 20 years old I finished my grade 12 at chiwala technical secondary school ,where I was a caddet

  5. Dear sir/ madam. Am here by wish to apply for admission in Zambian army as a soldier, am a Zambian citizen aged 20 , I recently completed my grade 12, in 2022, with a grade 12 school certificate and a holder of a green national registration card(NRC). I really want to be a soldier please for more details cantact me 0978773536, Nelson Mwansa

    1. Dear sir/madam
      I’m here to apply for a job as Zambia Arm soldier,am a Zambian citizen aged 25 years old,I recently completed my grade 12 in 2018 and obtained my grade 12 school certificate and a holder of National green registration card 369423/64/1.I really want to be a soldier and save my lovely country Zambia.

  6. What is going on with this year recruitment. Zambia army I have been waiting for any news regarding the recruitment process its now 7 to 8 months which we would have even been back from training ….my question is when will the names be out and what is the reason for this delay

  7. Dear sir/madam. Reference to the above captioned am a male Zambian aged 19 single, mentally and physically fit to undergo military trainings,an the hprder of national registration card and school certificate in education .my keen interest is to join the Zambia air force and to defend the state against aggression , provide our military defence of our territorial integrity and support peace keeping locally and internationally. your favorable response to my application will be highly applicieted. No: 0776681950 NRC 260676/91 /1

  8. Dear Sir/Madam
    Reference to the above caption I am a female Zambian aged 18 single, mentally and physically fit to undergo military training.
    Am a holder of a Green National Registration Card and a school certificate of education.
    My main interest to join the army is to provide integrity and honor for peace keeping locally and internationally
    Your favourable response to my application will be highly appreciated.

  9. I rilly wish to join zambia army my dream is to be an army officer. Kindly if i found favour in you sir/madam ill thank you.

  10. Dear Sir/Ma’am
    My names are Melissa Chisola I’m 23 years old .I originally come from Kitwe

    I’m a National Registration Green Card holder and School Certificate , I’m here in the interest of joining the Zambia army ,to serve, protect,live and died for my country both international and local,I am ready to undergo physical and mental training.
    I am both physical and mentally healthy
    It would be an honor to hear from you soon

  11. Dear sir/ madam
    Here by to apply in the Zambia amry I’m name is Cindy salowu aged 18 a zambian citizen recently completed my high school (grade 12) and obtained a certificate with good results. Mentally and physically fit dont have a sickness, I would be very happy and grateful if I was to be given a chance to work for the Zambia army because it has been my dream since I was young.for more information please contact me using the following numbers

  12. Dear sir/Madam
    My names are Moses Musonda, I’m 22years old, I’m a fully Zambian by citizen, I hold a Green Nation Registration Card (NRC)..

    I completed my grade 12 in 2021.
    I’m here by to apply for Zambian army, to save and protect my Mother Land..
    Your generous response will be highly appreciated..

    Yours faithfully..
    Moses Musonda

    No. 0963634009
    No. 0771274898

  13. Dear sir/madam commander in chief
    Ref: application for employment as zns
    With reference to above subject matter
    Am a Zambian citizen aged 22 and I would like to join zns
    And I have 20p at my grade 12examination
    If you want more information about me you may up on 0961713564
    Yours faithfully kabwe Ricious chisha

  14. Dear sir/madam
    : with the reference to the above
    :Am here by applying for Zambia army
    :am a male Zambian citizen aged 25 single mentally and physically fit to undergo military training
    Am a horder of green national registration card and a school certificate of education
    My main interest to join the army is to provide integrity and honor for peace keeping locally and internationally
    Your favourable response to my application will be highly appropriate
    Moses muhongo
    No 0964108276 /+260973347445
    Located mumbwa

  15. Dear sir/madam
    With the reference to the above mentioned
    Am here by a applying for Zambia army
    Am a male Zambian citizen aged 26 single mentally and physically fit to undergo military training
    I completed my secondary level in 2017
    Am horder of green national registration
    My main interesting to join the army is to provide integrity and honor for peace keeping locally and internationally
    Your favourable response to my application will be highly appropriate
    Yours faithful
    No: 0964108276/ 0973347445
    Located mumbwa

  16. Dear sir/madam


    My name is Philip sichone, I am a male Zambian citizen and I am 25years old. I completed my secondary School level in 2018 but I didn’t manage to have five all levels of certificate.
    I am a Zambian citizen with a Green National Registration Card NRC (352855/66/1) and a grade 7 and 9 certificate. I am physically fity to work as a commando so as save my county Zambia 🇿🇲.
    I will be ready whenever you call upon me . Your response will be highly appreciated. Call me on this line +260767567135, I am in the copperbelt province in Mufulira Zambia.

    Yours faithfully Philip sichone

  17. I always push for this. To work for mother Zambia. Please help me in this, call me on 0972007062. Thank you. God bless you

  18. Dear sir/madam my name is Rajesh ntuwe chiluma from choma am aplying as zambia army soldier am fit ready to undergo millitary training am a g11 school leaver aged 21 your responce will be highly appreciated for more details call 0762909042/0763165055

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