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    • How can I join please sir I wanted this opportunity but I never get and my wish is to serve Kenya please don’t left me when the intake is ongoing imagine even I don’t involve on drung so my body can able to attain Kenya the thing that I only used is only tea as a nicotine but nothing else because almighty God will come to me and give me this opportunity to served and I have already finished my form four at a grade of D- but I still have hope that this vacancy will not left me please I beg you give me this opportunity to serve Kenya even I haven’t never got in jail because of a bad behavior asked me everything and I will give you thank for a advance so much and I will thank you when you will read it

  1. I like the work Kenya Defense force I’m from elgeyo marakwet I like to join KDF I love the work from heart and my soul when I will get a chance to join KDF I will appreciate so much.

  2. I would like to join Kenya defence force because it’s my career and also I want to serve our nation in defence

  3. I’ve hope,dream and willing to join kenya airforce since my maturing time,i score C(plain) any officer who wish to assist me to join kindly call my number(0746984949).

  4. Being a citizen of Kenya is my pleasure I would like to take this opportunity to our men and women who are in uniform hongera kwenu and i wish opportunity comes to be part of you guys to serve our mother land mmnipe kazi ya kua jeshi la nchi kavu Kenya army

  5. Am Abdallah Alii Buya from Tanariver county. I really really like to appreciate our military KDF. For the good jobs they are doing. And it’s my dream to join KDF one day one time so that I can serve my country.Thank you

  6. I am Beryl wadhare, being a KDF is my career I love it with my heart ,,I would like to join KDF to be able to play a good role in serving the country,,,it will be my greatest pleasure.

  7. I have been crying for this job ever since …..what can i do coz mine i feel is a callinh ,,,,i want the govt know that i got passion in this ….unfortunately i lost my testimonials in an incident attacked by Alshabaab millitants….its hard to get my credentials please help me secure my carreer…i beg ,kindly

  8. Am currently in the university but my dream is to join army.i will really be happy in the military than in class.I got a B plus, but i die for army.

    • Niko na grade ya D plain na nataka kujoin KDF Mimi ni ophan Sina huwezo Wala connection yoyote naomba usaidizi wenu tafadhali 0797068493,,,mnisaidie tafadhali nipate chance ya kujoin nisaidie familia yangu Niko na miaka 22 I have all requirements

  9. Am a trained teacher primary option but my passion is to join kenya navy. Is there any way people apply online and be shortlisted. If yes someone to guide me
    My number 0743934039

  10. I get D+ after there now am ex NYS with masonry craft certificate,,, now my ID is running out of time,,, please can I manage to join the the service forces now,, if yes please help me,, 0791977031

    • Accountant by profession.26 yrs old.Bachelor of commerce holder degree.Born a soldier.fought all my life battles but remaining to do so for my country. Someone assist.

    • My name is Doris Kitutu and I would like to ask for assistance in joining Kdf since is my passion since young please

  11. Niko na grade ya D (plain) na nataka kujiunga na KDF Mimi ni ophan Sina huwezo Wala connection yoyote naomba usaidizi wenu, tafadhali na Niko tayari Kwa kuilinda inchi yangu naomba usaidizi tafadhali 0797068495

  12. Niko na grade ya D (plain) na nataka kujiunga na KDF Mimi ni ophan Sina huwezo Wala connection yoyote naomba usaidizi wenu, tafadhali na Niko tayari Kwa kuilinda inchi yangu naomba usaidizi tafadhali 0797068493

  13. I’m Amos Wamalwa 33yrs old a Kenyan citzen. I’ve a desired to serve my Country
    in KDF although i’ve tried to join since 2010 but i was denied the opportunity. My father former Sirgent Albert Wamalwa Wapang’ana served KDF as atraining teacher in Moi Paraks and retired after going for peace keeping. Kindly consinder me. You have denied the true solidiers opportunity but recruiting men who has no cal for this job. My tel: +254 743288175

    • The ministry is ever rotten in the sense that during the recruitment period,the so called officers considers money more that the real soldiers…. corruption has rooted deep in this ministry

  14. My Name is Tonny muchui meru county, being one of the Kenyan defence forces as been my player since the year 2018,if there is any way I can let my self in please help..0790633312

  15. I am an NYS graduate with certificate in plumbing and I would like to join the KDF. I have an NYS certificate.

  16. My name is Baraka Kahindi Masha from kaloleni sub-county in kilifi county,I am looking for assistance to join the KDF in this our beautiful country.Being a KDF soldier has been my player since the year I started going recruitments in 2013 upto now plz help me I be among the KDF’s in kenya.
    HE.Aden Duale minister of Defence
    HE.Dr.Kithure Kindiki minister of interior
    Plz I need your assistance 0799506473.

  17. My name is Mary Aoko Okoth from homabay county but currently living in Mombasa. I would like join the Kenya Defense Force to protect our country.It has always been my dream to join the KDF.

  18. I feel like I was born as a military army but I have never gotten the opportunity Soo I will be glad if some feel me

  19. I feel like I was born as a military army but I have never gotten the opportunity Soo I will be glad if some feel me I need that form 0768306174

  20. My name is John Gitau.I scored a C+ in my KCSE.I have always dreamt of joining KDF. If my dream would come true I would be very much Happy. I need assistance to join the world of my dream. I pray that once the recruitment is about to commence,you send me the form.My phone number is 0798905244.
    I will be happy being in that position of serving my one and only country Kenya.

  21. My name is Hemstone Mark my dream was to become kenya army I score D-,Certificate in Electrical,phone number 0769376596,0105043824

  22. I want to join Kenya defence Force en I got a grade of D-,,,I really want that job with all my heart en my passion,,, please help me to join K.D.F

  23. I will wish to join KDF I got D- and fished National Youth Service. I did plant operator
    Phone no:0743249719

  24. For me since when I was a child my mother was the one who inspired me towards the line of be in the duty of serving as a kdf , I remembered those days when I was a kid, she will make sure that during holidays like moi days mum will take me to a neighbor house to watch only how my uncle was escorting president moi those days. I remembered mum pointing at moi bodyguard and saying to me this is your uncle , and I will reply with excitement mummy I want to be like him, actually col Tom kemey have been my all time role model and for the past 4yrs have been trying to join kdf but it have been in vain but I haven’t loose hope cause that’s my passion I want to be a kdf I want to serve my country with all my passion and all my strength my mind and my hope I believe this year is turn pleas held me God

  25. My name is Moses Kelvin Leperes and i had a (B plain)in kcse and it has been my passion to join the Kenya army to protect my country,,, kindly help me join

  26. I’m Dominic Kimutai from Nakuru county my passion was to join Kenya Defense forces hope you’ll consider me 0713130298

  27. Hi am simon willingly to support my country,to take an oarth,swear to protect my people if selected. 0703374114

  28. My name is mwanaidi amango since I was kid my passion was to be kdf ,I just love to serve my country.i am a form 4 live with a grade D-

  29. my name is peter muiruri gathauri from kiambu county my goal was to be kenya defense to protect my country hope you will get my consideration please (0746056534)

  30. Am fredrick mwaka .let me have this moment to express my wish to join the military under the department of kdf that i have been trying to join for the last five years .i have liked this department to defend my nation from any attack because am a citizen of the entire nation kenya by birth

  31. Hello, l would like to offer my humble request to get an opportunity to serve as a Kenya Defence Forces for the current announced recruitment. I am Nyanumba Dennis Obegi, from Nyamira county, am twenty-two years old a completed high school education.

  32. Am Christopher wambua Nzangi a masonry by professional ready to serve as kenya defence force. I really appreciate their job as l wish to be one of them .

  33. I’m Abigael ready to serve the Kenya defence force . I did a course in the department of building and civil engineering (Building technology).

  34. I’m Abigael jepkemoi ready to serve as Kenya defence force.i did a course in the department of building and civil engineering (Building technology module l and module ll).

  35. Am Irene I attained a c plain in kcse and I have a diploma in fashion and design and am interested to join kenya defense forces

  36. Hello am Nasiru Philip mulani a gallan son of Kenya , working with kdf has been my dream job all along am a diploma holder in Human Resource management . please make my dream come true

  37. I was born a soldier I fell it inside me ….it’s my passion to serve Kenya not for money but for the love I have to our nation I love Kenya no matter what

  38. Am Benson onyango from homabay willing to serve my country as a millitary soldier to protect it and obey it’s law

  39. Am Jack Peter have been dreaming to join Kenya defense forces for long,for the grace of God may you opened the way to me so that i can deffend my national at any circumstance

  40. Am antony cheng’oli hoping to join kenya army in the free and fair recruitment to interest recruits,having sat for kcse and attained mean grade of D(-)minus

  41. I pray to the almighty that the recruiting exercise be corruption free that we get qualified and eligible soldiers who will serve the nation.

    • I got C (plain) in KCSE and l did diploma in Applied Statistics. I’m longing to join KDF cadet. Please contact me at 0797414022

  42. I have been searching for the your application form and can’t find it. I believe i am qualified but i am unable to apply. Kindly check on that.
    Thank you.

  43. Leave a comment… am kibet attained in d-, with pass in artisan in electrical, pass in craft certificate in electrical and electronic engineering power option module one,pass in module two craft certificate in electrical and electronic engineering power option

  44. Am Albert ombese moruri age 26 did automotive engineering with the trade test certificate want to join the Forces kindly consider me

  45. I really want to join kdf but online application time has elapsed,,but if there will be other needed people I’m available 0792959591

  46. Have been trying to cop in to be a KDF soldier but all has ended in vain,hope this time round I will be among the team,…to serve, protect my country Kenya

  47. I would like to join KDF am very interested in doing the job ,am a hardworking person if selected I’ll do my best.
    Am readily available 0758607003

  48. Am Robert charo from kwale County i would like to join kdf am interested of being a member of kdf and am hardworking also ill do all the best am available 0110501536

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