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  1. I will be glad to join the air forces military,,and I will be ready to serve my country Kenya,, wherever what come God help this time🙏🙏🙏

  2. I would really love to be part of the Zambia Air Force military. I’m a proud Zambian and I have all the qualifications that are needed to be part of the force.

  3. I would love to join Zambian army so that I can help my fellow Zambian citizens to secure ok ur country and maintain piece in my country

  4. Hello am Abraham soyala from Zambia solwezi also me am searching for this opportunity to join awa Zambian please 🥺 anyone who his seen this please help me please

  5. Hello hello sir please find for me a chance to join Zambian soja my name is Abraham soyala from Zambia solwezi kalumbila destrict am age of 21 years old and I am applying so please help me to send this message please

  6. I really want to join the army buh its hard for me to apply just wrote my grade 12 last year with 12 points looking forward to joining your quick response will be highly appreciated

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