US Army Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal

USA Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Portal

I will show you the best way to apply for US army recruitment 2024/2025 through the online application form portal Also, the requirements, when it is starting, deadline and success tips are highlighted in this article.

Whether you’re an African or from any other continent but wish to gain employment into U.S army, don’t worry you’ve arrived the right page, just follow the instructions here.

I guess although you really want to apply for the ongoing US army recruitment but probably might have some fear like how would I process my visa? Will I be employed? What are the requirements for foreigners?

I understand that these thoughts comes naturally especially because you’re not an indigene of the United States by birth or maybe this is just your first time planning to go there probably because of this recruitment exercise.

Applying for the United States army recruitment is a great ambition and definitely you can work your dream out, just take a chill pill and carefully read through this article to get the very best out of it.

Is US Army Recruitment Form for Foreigners 2024 Out?

Yes, the United States of America (USA) army recruitment application form 2024/2025 is out and both indigenes of the states and foreigners can apply, be it Africans or any other continent.

US army recruitment application form is free and accessible online by all prospective applicants via the recruitment portal, do not get involved in any transaction claiming to have direct access to US recruitment form for foreigners.

Other ongoing recruitment exercise you can still apply for; US Army Recruitment Portal

Wishing to apply for the ongoing US army recruitment is one thing and another is how you can submit an application especially as it is online.

The U.S online application portal is what makes it possible for foreigners to easily apply for the recruitment without stress of travelling to the States first.

Kindly note that the official application portal for US army recruitment for 2024/2025 is and all prospective or intending applicants both indigene and foreigners are to visit this portal.

Requirements for US Army Recruitment 2024/2025

Here are the eligibility and requirements for joining U.S army.

  • Prospective applicant should not be below 17 or above 35 years of age
  • Prospective applicant should be medically, morally and physically fit
  • Applicant should either be a U.S. citizen of have a permanent resident with a valid green card
  • Applicant should either be at least a high school graduate or equivalent
  • You would need to have a minimum score in the U.S. army placement exam (for enlisted soldier)
  • Apply complete a security clearance check by filling out a questionnaire, interviewed and then provide records

These requirements are for all applicants whether you’re from USA or a foreigner, and I would recommend you endeavor to meet the requirements as it is the bench mark for selection in this army recruitment.

How to Apply for US Army Recruitment 2024/2025 for Both Foreigners and Citizens

The application steps highlighted below goes for both citizens of U.S. and foreigners wishing to apply for this recruitment, the process is simple just follow through carefully.

  • Log unto the application portal
  • Click “learn how to join” from the homepage
  • Scroll down the page and click the “create account” button under the position you wish to apply for
  • Read through the “privacy & security notice”
  • Type your names, date of birth, email address and zip code into the spaces provided
  • Then click the “submit” button
  • Go to your email, click the confirmation link sent to you
  • After that, go to
  • Input your email address & password and submit
  • Then fill and complete the application form

Be sure to provide only valid and authentic information as alteration or mismatch in data might lead to disqualification.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning U.S Army Recruitment.

What are the misconducts that can disqualify Applicant from Joining U.S Military?

  • Applicants under civil restraint, including parole, confinement, or probation are not allow to apply
  • Applicants subject to civil court conviction or adverse disposition for more than one serious offense, or serious offenses with three or more other offenses (apart from traffic)
  • If you are found trafficking, selling, or distributing narcotics, including marijuana
  • If you have three or more convictions related to driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the past five years before joining
  • Applicants who are convicted for five or more misdemeanors
  • If you are unable to pass a drug or alcohol test, or if you have current charges pending against you

What is the Minimum Age to Join USA Army?

The minimum age that makes you eligible to apply for US recruitment either as a citizen or foreigner is 17 years and the maximum age limit is 36 years.

Can I join the U.S Army if I’m older than the maximum age requirement?

Although the maximum age to join U.S military is 35 years as an enlisted soldier and 31 as an officer, cases where there are many roles to be filled, you could be offered an age wavier and then will retire after 20 years of military service i.e. you will retire from U.S army at age 55.

Can I join USA Amy if I have a medical condition?

If you’re an intending applicants with medical condition that might likely disqualify you, not to worry, you can still join as long as you get a medical wavier. The medical wavier is issued on a case by case basis.

What’s the Minimum Height for Joining USA Army?

Minimum height is 58 inches while weight is 91. Maximum height is 80 inches while weight is 173.

When is the Next US Army Recruitment for Foreigners?

The United States (U.S.) army recruitment for foreigners is currently ongoing and you can apply by visiting the online application portal

U.S Army Shortlisted Candidates 2024/2025

After submitting application, the next thing would be checking if you’re among the successful applicants. To do this still visit the army portal, login to you dashboard the click on application status.

Was this article helpful? If yes share to friends and love ones intending to join U.S military. Do you still have an unanswered questions concerning US army recruitment? Let us know in the comment section for immediate attention.

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    • I’m searching for job, I’m a Sierra Leonean I’m 23years old, have sat to my WASSCE exams, I will be very pleased if you people can help me with a job, my parents are poor. With your help that can by providing me job or a way to study my nurse course I will be very happy. Thanks for your understanding and I’m hoping to hear from you.

  1. Jambo my name is Clay Malava Kulundu soon to be ex NYS(Discharged) I am interested in Joining the US army because i am willing to work and cooperate with my fellow officers,obey orders given and maintain law and order when the recruitment commences kindly consider me here are my phone numbers 0742273315/0707130190/0708405804

    • I am in love with military I choose to be one it’s just a motivational issues that make me like this job and is that being mined dream in life to serve with the US army I’m serving in Nigeria right now as a soldier

    • Hi I’m kipngetich morogo clement I’m interested in joining the US Army because I’m willing to work and cooperate with my fellow Officer’s,obey orders given by head of department and maintain low and order

    • I am Erick Kipruto Kirui I am asking for job and i done my KCSE 2021 and I scored C+ and I am asking for job my phone number is 0705017500.

  2. Hello sir/madam ,, I am Peter Ochieng Owino N.Y.S discharge and I would like to join ..US army please conceder me when this activity will be done.

      I’m a zambian male citizen of the age 20 I’m applying for the job it as listed above.
      Your respond I will be highly appreciated

  3. Rethabile Sejeng I request permission to join the U.S. army and hope that one day I’ll be able to fight for the U.S.

    Hope to here from you soon

  4. Jambo, wishing to join the army as a plumber and a soldier age 23yrs Nationality Kenyan Occupation Plumber
    Tell 0113773750/0796481379

  5. I’m a Nigerian by citizenship, ain’t holding a green card, not a permanent resident and not a US citizen too. The question is, HOW DO I JOIN IN?

  6. Hi recruitment team,my name is Ndzembafapteh Nah Jill, i am 26 years old, i am and Ex /Army from cameroon. i have been working for the cameroon army for some time and i left due to the crisis going on in the country, i am from the english part of cameroon, i was been asign to go to where i was born to shoot amd to kill my people,because of that i decided to desert from Army.i no how to manipulate and to shoot guns,it has always been my dreams to serve the US army.i am hopping and expecting for a positive reply to this mail

  7. Am Williams Joseph, from Nigeria am 22 years I have the passion to join US Army 🎖 please 🙏 help me

  8. Alfred osuka from kenya interested in the opportunity promise never to dissapoint you if you don’t dissapoint me. Phone number 0742121654 or 0701077986

  9. I was kick out from Kenya defence force recruitment because I was 53.9kg
    I tried to explain to them it was due to long journey but they didn’t understand me am putting my interest to join you USA ARMY am 30years old from Kenya.

    • I’m Alere Adedeji Olaoluwa from Nigeria, it’s my dream from my childhood age so am interested to join the u.s army 🪖 please 🙏 help me out.

  10. Hi.. I’m Jensen Mauree from mauritius Island, 25 years old my skills is Chef de partie (CDP), with great pleasure can I Assistant from your side.

  11. Hello My name is Aman please select me to USA Army I’m 23 year’s old I’m interested then please show me how to apply USA Army?

  12. Am interested in joining the United state of America as an army and am fully ambitious. Am abdulrahman khalif from Kenya

  13. I am omotosho John adekunle form Nigeria am doing army for Nigeria for a living and I want be a USA army I like the work

  14. Nickson lemein Too

    May, 3th, 2023 at 10: 30 AM

    I from Kenya willing to join US army I did my form four certificate and later join National Youth Service where I did a plant operation course,
    I will be much happy if you consider my application,
    Thank you.

  15. Actually words can’t explain how happy I feel to see this, I love becoming US military member.

  16. I’m Kelvin from Kenya. I’m expresing my interest of becoming an army in U.S.A. This is something I have been thinking about since i was in high school. My GOD help me.

  17. Please l want to apply for army in your country my name is Perseus Amoanoo Amoako from Ghana, Please am ready to work with the best of my knowledge hoping to hear from you very soon thanks

  18. Hello, My name is Ayetole Emmanuel Lenski 23 years of age. And I’m interested in Joining the U.S Army to offer Protection to the State… Thank you

  19. I really hope that I could be among the 2023/2024 recruited member of the US ARMY I am from nigeria thanks.

  20. Please I’m fully ready to work in the united state military I’m done studying in my high school, I’m 19 years old please help me to pick me in dere, I learned and I know everything that is responsible for me to do is just for me to get in dere please help me,
    I need a response back, so I can know where I can start preparing for moving out down dere please WhatsApp+2349050439947 🙏🙏

  21. i want to join the US army because that has been my dream ever since but i don’t know how where to start with.

  22. Hello my name is Djimasse Cezere, l want to join the US army because that has been my dream ever since but i don’t know how where to start with and am 21 year . please help !!

  23. I have always been driven by a sense of service, and I have dedicated my life to helping others. I have completed physical training and am ready to serve and protect my country as part of a professional and committed team.

    I am confident in my abilities and am always eager to learn and take on new challenges. I believe that my dedication, discipline and hard work make me a strong candidate for this position, and that I would be a valuable asset to your team.

  24. Am Kevin sifuna from national youth service and I would wish to join kindly let me know i can have a chance to join

  25. Am Kevin sifuna from national youth service and I would wish to join kindly let me know if I can have a chance to join am from Kenya

  26. Am harith wellem from Malawi and am very favoured to work with American U.S army please help us to get opportunity for job

  27. Hi my name is emmanuel erau akwaptai from uganda soroti city and iam willing to join the usa army icame from apoor family and ineed to keep peace in the whole world

  28. I am James mwale from Zambia aged of 26 years. Am here to apply as USA army. I completed school 2018 and I have grade telve certificate aw send all my document on email

  29. Would love to join the men and women in uniform to stand and protect the people of united states of America and the world at large

  30. Hello,I’m Clovis I finish high school and I’m in Uganda.
    I would love to work for USA army please 🙏🙏 if there is anyways I can be recruited in

  31. I really want to join the US army, because it’s my dream work, and I really love the country and i want to serve it in all the best of my ability.

  32. Hello sir/or madam I’m a medical laboratory assistant in Ghana and I’m very proud to join and become a member of USA army in this 2023.I hope permission will be granted for me to join and take in part with my experience that you

  33. greetings
    i am a high school gradual from Cameroon and I’m interested to join the US ARMY. how can I go about it?

  34. Morning. I’m currently serving as a Nigerian soldier. And I’m ready to be among men in US Army, I wish to accept me to swap from Nigeria soldier to US Army. greateful

  35. Leave a comment…Am by name pwambodi Thomas am from Nigeria but I am interested in joining u s a army that’s my dream to be a soldier and I hope one day I shall be by God grace

  36. Hello,I’m John from Kenya🇰🇪And I would like to express my love and Passion of joining US Army 🪖 one day.. Kindly I hope it get you well as I await for positive feedback..

  37. Leave a comment…I am interested to join the US Army. Consider me as your soldier. I am Clapperton Mutema from Zimbabwe, aged 25 years

  38. Hello am Mophan Kiage from Africa continent. Am willing to join the US 🇺🇸army as My ambition since younger. Please help me here is my mobile numbers +254729426796, +254793475873

  39. Leave a comment…I am interested to join the US Army. Consider me as your soldier. My name is Mamadou saidou bah, I’m from Gambia 🇬🇲 please help me to be a U.S Amy is my Dream. This is my WhatsApp number and my phone number +2203369277. And +2207822140

  40. I am interested to join the US army .considere as your name is Mousenyane Betty Refilwe .I am from South Africa 🇿🇦 please help me to be a US army is My dream .

  41. I am interested to join the US army .considere as your name is Mousenyane Betty Refilwe .I am from South Africa 🇿🇦 please help me to be a US army is My dream .

  42. Am really ready to be U.S.A Army. I did electrical installation artisan course. Am ready to defend U.S.A as army. Reach me on 0714187108

  43. It has always been my biggest dream to join the US army,my names are Cosmas Mayanga from Zambia I would really really appreciate if I can be considered

  44. Hellen silvanus from Kenya
    Am an ex NYS
    A graduate of plant mechanics
    Am 22 year and willing to join the us arm
    Am now asking for a chance please.

  45. Hello, Am a graduate and i study survey and Geo-informatics from here in Nigeria and i have passion in serve the U.S Army i really want to Sir.

  46. I’m William Kewodjro from Ghana ,18 years old , I want to Join the Army. I’ve always wanted to join the Army since childhood.
    I love to be a Soldier

  47. Hi, I request to be considered and be part of the US Army kindly am fton Nigerian. Ready to serve with all my heart and energy and to obey the rules and orders kindly waiting for your response.

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