TSC Pension Update 2024 – Retired Teachers Pension Payment

TSC Pension Update 2023 - Retired Teachers Pension Payment

TSC Pension update 2024. Do you wish to get news about Teaching Service Commission retired teachers payment for January-February 2024?

If yes, that’s good! We’ve the latest TSC pension update in this article include claims forwarded to the treasury for January and February 2024.

Are you retired teacher in Kenya and currently seeking to know how to check your pension status? Has your claim been forwarded to the treasury yet?

Do you wish to know the exact day you’ll get payment or TSC payment update since December 2022? If yes, carefully read through this article to get latest news about TSC pension.

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TSC Pension Update 2024

The latest news concerning Kenya Teaching Service Commission (TSC) we have for you in this page includes, new claims forwarded to the treasury, payment status for January & February, how to access TSC pension portal and also frequently asked questions.

You have a whole lot to learn from this page, let’s get started!

Retired Teachers Pension Payment

Teachers who are retired according to the Public Service rules are entitle to a certain amount paid to them on monthly basis and this is known as pension.

So, if you’re currently working with the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), it high time you begin to make findings concerning the  you payment after retiring.

Still in this article, we will show you how to check pension status online either for yourself or someone.

TSC Pension Claims Forwarded to Treasury

Over Two Thousand (2,000) cases have been submitted to the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) treasury with their TSC no, names and date passed.

To check for your name, visit https://www.tsc.go.ke/index.php/pension-status and then download the pdf as applicable to you.

TSC Pension Status January-February 2024

Before are the names of pensioners submitted to TSC treasury for urgent attention. Claims forwarded to treasury from Friday, 6th January to Friday, 3rd February 2024.

1 267878 CAROLYNE LAWINO OPAR 1/6/2024
2 200835 ISAAC EDWARD WADORE 1/6/2024
3 247816 SALINA JEPKORIR SAWE 1/6/2024
4 240785 VINCENT CHERUIYOT TOO 1/6/2024
5 210981 GRACE AKINYI OCHIEL 1/6/2024
6 243185 MUTIE MUTOTE 1/6/2024
7 207025 WILLIAM KIPKOGEI Y 1/6/2024
8 358573 WILBERFORCE NZANGI K. 1/6/2024
9 291555 CHARITY WANJIRA G. 1/6/2024
10 199985 WILLIAM KIPTUM NGETICH 1/6/2024
11 411912 RICHARD NTAGAKA OMOTE 1/6/2024
12 195565 MARY ADHIAMBO RAPHAEL 1/6/2024
13 325645 PETER NTHUKU MUNYOLI 1/6/2024
14 284555 EUNICE WANJIKU KAGOMBE 1/6/2024
15 311156 BELDINA AMOLLO AGELE 1/6/2024
16 266265 TIMOTHY MWANGI M 1/6/2024
17 232425 NELSON KINYILI ISIKA 1/6/2024
18 251082 JOHN WABILI NATEMBEYA 1/6/2024
19 195844 GRACE MONGINA MAINTE 1/6/2024
20 212480 JOSEPH KIRIMI KIARA 1/6/2024
21 237504 LILIAN NJERI MUIRURI 1/6/2024
22 190545 VIRGINIA NJOKI MAENDE 1/6/2024
23 208505 DAVID NAHIRI MOTARI 1/6/2024
24 208546 PAMELA ACHIENG NDUETI 1/6/2024
25 174301 LYDIAH WANDIA MULUTI M 1/6/2024
26 248213 GRACE JERUTO K. 1/6/2024
27 214489 AGNES NZILANI NDIVO 1/6/2024
28 219248 SAMUEL KIAMBATI W. 1/6/2024
29 212055 REBECCAH KWAMBOKA O. 1/6/2024
30 223759 LUCY GAKII MURIUKI 1/6/2024
31 249296 JANET NYAMBURA M 1/6/2024
32 210456 GRACE OTAYO 1/6/2024
33 216485 ROSE KEMUNTO RORI 1/6/2024
34 224226 EDWARD KIPRUTO TOO 1/6/2024
35 249724 EDWARD TABOT 1/6/2024
36 311806 PAUL KIPKIRUI NGETICH 1/6/2024
37 243226 NJERU MUTEGI 1/6/2024
38 211173 GRACE WANJIRU MWANIKI 1/6/2024
39 267416 JANE JEPTOO MISOS 1/6/2024
40 233602 KENNETH MICHENI M. 1/6/2024
41 229691 CHARLES CHEGE KURIA 1/6/2024
42 352989 ANNE WANJIRU NGUGI 1/6/2024
43 213519 PAMELA AOKO OTIENO 1/6/2024
44 213611 IMMACULATE MAYINDI S. 1/6/2024
45 254281 ANN WANJIRU KABAKA 1/6/2024
46 209059 POETH MAKAU MITHANGA 1/6/2024
47 332949 CECILIA WANGECI MURIUKI 1/6/2024
48 205739 ALICE ADHIAMBO OLUOKO 1/6/2024
49 223378 SABINA CHEPKURU S 1/6/2024
50 265499 JOSEPH KIPKIRUI KONES 1/6/2024
51 234939 ZIPPORAH WANJA K 1/6/2024

How to Access TSC Pension Portal

To check your pension status or download claims submitted to TSC, take the steps below.

  • First visit www.tsc.go.ke
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Under quick links select pension status
  • Download the claims posted to check your status

Has TSC Started Paying Pension?

Yes, Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has begun the payment of pension, retired teachers are to visit pension status portal https://www.tsc.go.ke/index.php/pension-status.

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  1. You have indicated that pension takes one on the wall of your office.l retired 16/12/2022.Had presented all papers required in 2020. Then clearance, latest payslip & kra clearance early January. This is July nothing is fourth.where has your one month pension working gone?

  2. Pensioners should be send home with at least the monthly payment on average as they wait for the other process to take place..ignoring somebody who has worked for over 30years eti treasury has no money is unforgivable…Have started my second year now without anything to say l worked tiresly for it .

    • Retired teachers need to be paid their monthly pension pay as they exit. How does TSC / Treasury expect someone to survive at zero rate. Teachers are dying of stress out there, me being one of them.

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