How to Change TSC Pay Point for Teachers 2024 Guidelines

How to Change TSC Pay Point for Teachers 2023 Guidelines

Do you wish to know how to change TSC pay point for teachers 2024? Whether Yes or No, the updated guidelines to switch to a different TSC pay point are available on this page.

Hello! Welcome to this page, where you will learn how to change TSC pay point easily for teachers. Have you tried this on your own before? Did you encounter any challenge?

If yes, do not worry, as the steps are simple, provided you follow them carefully. If you have just been employed into TSC and this is your first time to hear about pay point, see the next paragraph for better clarification.

What is TSC Teachers Pay Point?

TSC teachers pay point is simply the preferred bank or account that a teacher want to receive his/her monthly salary from Kenya Teachers Service Commission.

TSC most recommended or let’s say preferred pay point for teachers is either a bank or Sacco account. If you’ve just been employed, note that you will have to complete the bank form and send to the TSC office for update.

Having established that, let’s see how you can change your TSC pay point.

You’re at liberty to change your TSC pay point as many times as you wish, regardless of the reason.

Okay, so once you have either an issue with a particular pay point either you’ve been posted to an area that is not close to you pay point or the bank has relocated feel free to reach out to TSC for necessary changes.

Meaning of TSC Bank Plate

Kenya Teaching Service Commission (TSC) bank plate simple refers to your account details including ATM card. That being established, to change TSC pay point, take the steps below.

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How to Change TSC Pay Point 2024

  • First thing you have to do is download and print TSC bank form
  • Carefully fill your pay point details in the form and get have it approved by your principal or head teacher
  • Also, the TSC county or sub county director sign
  • Make photocopy of your new bank or Sacco account ATM card
  • I’m referring to the new account you want to be receiving salary
  • Ensure that the photocopy is clear and duly signed by Principal
  • Attach a copy of your National ID card, bank plate etc.
  • Proofread the TSC bank form you’ve filled for possible mistakes
  • Make correction if there is need
  • After these, send the copy and the documents to TSC headquarters
  • The documents should be in an envelope addressed to TSC secretary

Important Note!

Don’t disconnect or close your current account yet until salary starts entering the new account, this is because if you close the current account without verifying that the new account is active, you might not receive salary for some months.

TSC Change of Paypoint Form Download Pdf

Click here to download the Teachers Service Commission change of paypoint form pdf.

After downloading the form and then you open, at the top right is where you will fill your school name & address then phone number, note that upon successful completion of the form, it must be sign either by the Principal, Headteacher, County of Subcounty director.

TSC Bank Paypoint Particulars

TSC Paypoint Particulars refers to your bank name, branch, street/building, county subcounty, TSC no, Bank code, branch code account number and account name.

Is there anything you do not understand about how to change TSC teachers paypoint? If yes, kindly indicate in the comment section below.

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