Qatar Airways Shortlisted Candidates 2024 – Check Here

Qatar Airways Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Pdf – Check Here

Qatar Airways shortlisted candidates 2024 is out. You can check and download the list online following the guidelines in this article.

Did you apply for Qatar Airways recruitment and currently wish to know if the names of successful applicants are out?

If yes, great. We’re glad that you’re on the page right now because we have outlined the necessary steps on how you can download and check Qatar Airways’ shortlisted candidates.


Before then, it is essential to note that you have checked your CV and tailored it to the position you are seeking in with Qatar Airways. Find out which skills you have that would stand you out and highlight them on the CV.

In addition, display your previous employment experience by giving real-life examples of what you have done in the area you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for customer service, you must express what you did in your previous employment that makes your job rewarding.

You must also prove that you have done extensive research on Qatar Airways and the airline industry in general. Referencing what you have learned when answering questions will stand you out.

Now, let us move ahead to the recruitment process:


Qatar Airways Recruitment Process

Qatar Airways is one of the most recognized aviation bodies in the world, prior to this, many persons across the countries of the world wished to gain employment here.

Recently, Qatar Airways published an advert through its official LinkedIn account about job vacancies in Kenya.

Tons of candidates were able to submit an application successfully and according to Qatar Airways, only successful applicants would be contacted.

Qatar Airways recruitment process involves three (3) major stages which are:

  1. Submission of application
  2. Shortlisting of successful applicants
  3. Interview and final shortlist

Applicants that must gain employment are to patiently pass through these three (3) stages.

So, if you have passed through the other two stages and would like to check the final shortlist, follow through the steps below.

Note: The steps provided below will still help you get the shortlisted applicants for and after the interview.

Is Qatar Airways Shortlisted Candidates Out?

Yes, Qatar Airways’ list of successful applicants is out. You can check if your name is among them via the online career portal following the steps we’ve provided below.


You could also check:

How to Check Qatar Airways Shortlisted Candidates

  • Go to the career portal
  • Click on the applicant login
  • Provide your login details (username and password)
  • On your dashboard, click application status

There, you will get a notification if you have been shortlisted or not. Another alternative is via Qatar Airways’ LinkedIn handle.

By default, Qatar Airways do reach out to successful applicants via email or SMS, but especially email. As such even without the above steps, you should get a notification of your enlistment.

If you are successful, the next step is to wait for the interview. This stage is usually tough, but you can ace it if you are determined. You must also complete different medical exams in your home country. if the results meet the standards, you will be on your way to becoming a member of the Qatar Airways crew. You can get some coaching on answering these questions by booking a mock session with some professionals. Don’t worry; your confidence is needed at each stage until the final approval before receiving your employment letter.


That’s all we’ve got for you regarding Qatar Airways’ list of successful applicants, if you need any other information, let us know in the comment section below or follow us on Google News for more update.

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