Nigerian Police Salary Structure By Ranks – Best Paid Position 2024/2025

Nigerian Police Salary

The Nigerian Police Salary Structure attracts the biggest buzz when it comes to the remuneration of a government body/civil service in Nigeria. Little surprise though, since every child in Nigeria knows that employees of the NPF are seen as underpaid law enforcement. Nigerian police are known to mount roadblocks where they habitually collect naira bills (also known as “bribes” or “egunje“) along major highways.

Important Role of the Nigerian Police Force

Irrespective of the image Nigerian Police has created for itself, the role of Policemen and Women in safeguarding law and others cannot be overemphasized. In a democratic country where the rule of law is paramount (or at least assumed to be), the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) plays a critical role. Alongside maintaining order, the NPF offers a structured salary system for its officers. This article looks into the specifics of the Nigerian Police salary structure, particularly focusing on how much naira per month (and per year), the various ranks within the force take home.

Nigerian Police Salary And Ranks

The NPF operates a well-defined salary structure, which varies based on rank, experience, and educational qualifications. From Police Recruits to the Inspector General of Police, each rank comes with its distinct financial package. If you’re curious to learn more about how the police is structured, see the NPF portal.

Understanding the NPF Salary Scheme

The Nigerian Police Force NPF Salary scheme is unique in Africa. The NPF compensates its senior officers well, making it a sought-after career for many aspiring law enforcers but they underpay lower ranks. Based on the latest salary reports, the average monthly salary for a police officer in Nigeria, based on the table provided, is approximately ₦180,982.77. Annually, this averages out to about ₦2,171,793.22.

Kindly note that there is a great deal of variation between the ranks: for example, while a Police Constable Grade Level 03 makes ₦43,293.83 per month, another policeman/woman who is an Inspector General of Police makes ₦711,498 monthly. Some publicly available sources (eg: Glassdoor) have similar salary scheme ranges. Suffice it to say that rank is a very important determinant of pay grade.

Nigerian Police Salary

Nigerian Police Salary per month/year for various police ranks: Which position is the best paying?

  • Police Recruit: As the entry-level position, a Police Recruit earns approximately ₦9,019.42 monthly.
  • Police Constable: With a grade level ranging from 03 to 10, their monthly earnings lie between ₦43,293.83 and ₦49,113.59.
  • Police Corporal: Corporals on Grade Levels 04 and 10 earn from ₦44,715.53 to ₦51,113.59 monthly.
  • Further Ranks: The salary structure continues upward with ranks such as Sergeant, Inspector, and various levels of Superintendents and Commissioners, culminating in the Inspector General of Police, who earns a notable ₦711,498 per month. See the table below for a detailed salary breakdown of all offices in the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).
S/NO Rank/Role of Police Monthly Salary Annual Salary
1 Inspector General of Police ₦711,498 ₦8,537,976
2 Deputy Inspector General of Police ₦546,572.73 ₦6,558,872.76
3 Assistant Inspector General of Police ₦499,751.87 ₦5,997,022.44
4 Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 15 (06) ₦302,970.47 ₦3,635,645.64
5 Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 15 (1) ₦266,777.79 ₦3,201,333.48
6 Deputy Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 14 (07) ₦278,852.79 ₦3,346,233.48
7 Deputy Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 14 (1) ₦242,715.65 ₦2,912,587.80
8 Assistant Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 13 (10) ₦212,938.96 ₦2,555,257.92
9 Assistant Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 13 (1) ₦183,185.73 ₦2,198,228.76
10 Chief Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 12 (08) ₦199,723.96 ₦2,396,687.52
11 Chief Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 12 (1) ₦172,089.06 ₦2,065,068.72
12 Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 11 (10) ₦187,616 ₦2,251,400.28
13 Superintendent of Police on Level 11 (1) ₦161,478.29 ₦1,937,739.49
14 Deputy Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 10 (10) ₦170,399.69 ₦2,044,796.28
15 Deputy Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 10 (1) ₦148,733.29 ₦1,784,799.48
16 Assistant Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 09 (10) ₦156,318.39 ₦1,875,820.68
17 Assistant Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 09 (1) ₦136,616.06 ₦1,639,392.72
18 Assistant Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 08 (10) ₦144,152.07 ₦1,729,824.84
19 Assistant Superintendent of Police on Grade Level 08 (1) ₦127,604.68 ₦1,531,256.16
20 Cadet Inspector on Grade Level 07 (10) ₦87,135.70 ₦1,045,628.40
21 Cadet Inspector on Grade Level 07 (1) ₦73,231.51 ₦878,778.12
22 Sergeant Major on Grade Level 06 (10) ₦62,204.88 ₦746,458.56
23 Sergeant Major on Grade Level 06 (1) ₦55,144.81 ₦661,737.72
24 Police Sergeant on Grade Level 05 (10) ₦55,973.84 ₦671,686.08
25 Police Sergeant on Grade Level 05 (1) ₦48,540.88 ₦582,490.56
26 Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (10) ₦51,113.59 ₦613,363.08
27 Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (1) ₦44,715.53 ₦536,586.36
28 Police Constable Grade Level 10 ₦49,113.59 ₦613,363.08
29 Police Constable Grade Level 03 ₦43,293.83 ₦519,525.60
30 Police Recruit ₦9,019.42 ₦108,233.04


It is evident from the Nigerian Police Salary Structure by ranks table above that the police recruits earn the lowest salary in Nigeria. By far less than the newly revised minimum wage of N65,000. I am not sure if the Recruits are included in the new minimum wage or not. But they should!

Nigerian Police Salary Is Poor: The Story of Constable Musa

Despite the structured salary system, there’s a prevailing belief among Nigerians that the police are underpaid. Take, for example, Musa, a friend of mine working at Ikeja Alausa Police Station. With a family of four to support and considering the average cost of housing in Lagos, Musa often finds his salary barely sufficient to meet his family’s needs. This real-life scenario sheds light on the financial challenges faced by many in the force.

Based on the financial breakdown for Musa, a Police Constable Grade Level 10 in Ikeja, Lagos, the situation appears financially challenging. Here’s the breakdown:

Annual Salary: Musa’s salary is approximately ₦589,363.08.

Annual Expenses:

  • Housing: Estimated rent for a moderate two-bedroom apartment in Ikeja is about ₦1,200,000.
  • Education for Two Children: Approximately ₦400,000 for decent schooling.
  • Car Bill/Insurance: An estimated ₦100,000 for a modest car.
  • Other Living Expenses (including food, utilities, transportation, healthcare): About ₦600,000.
  • Total Annual Expenses: Approximately ₦2,300,000.

When we subtract the total annual expenses from Musa’s annual salary, we find a deficit of around ₦1,710,636.92. This analysis suggests that Musa’s salary as a Police Constable Grade Level 10 is not sufficient to cover the basic living expenses for a family of four in Ikeja, Lagos, especially considering the high cost of housing and education.

Verdict: Based on this analysis, it would appear that Nigerian police, at least at the level of Police Constable Grade Level 10, are underpaid relative to the cost of living in a major city like Lagos. This situation likely leads to financial strain, especially for those with family obligations and living in urban areas with higher living costs.

Additional Benefits and Allowances

Beyond the basic salary, Nigerian Police officers are entitled to various allowances and benefits, enhancing the overall appeal of their compensation package.

Career Advancement and Financial Growth

A career in the NPF is not just about the initial salary. It’s an evolving journey of financial growth, with increments based on years of service and promotions.

Generally speaking, the Nigerian Police Force offers a rewarding career path, not just in terms of professional growth but also in financial terms. Understanding the Nigerian police salary structure by rank is crucial for anyone considering a career in law enforcement or curious about the financial aspects of policing in Nigeria.

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FAQs About Nigerian Police Salaries

  • How Much is Police Salary in Nigeria? Based on the salary table, the remuneration varies significantly across ranks. For instance, a Police Constable earns ₦43,293.83 monthly, while the Inspector General of Police earns a substantial ₦711,498.
  • Are Nigerian Police Underpaid? The story of Musa is a testament to the challenges faced by some officers, especially in urban areas like Lagos, where the cost of living is high. While the salary structure appears comprehensive, it may not always align with the living costs and family responsibilities.
  • Is Police a Lucrative Job in Nigeria? The perception of lucrativeness can vary. While the higher ranks enjoy considerable salaries, entry-level positions may not offer the same financial comfort, especially in expensive cities.
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