IITA Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 is Out – Download Pdf Here

Would you like to download or check IITA shortlisted candidates 2023/2024? The steps to download IITA list of successful applicants is available on this page.

I’m glad to notify you that the comprehensive list of IITA shortlisted candidates pdf is out and have been published online.

Prior to this, applicants for the just concluded IITA recruitment are advice to visit the application portal to check if their names have been shortlisted following the guidelines in this article.

I hope you were able to submit an application for the just concluded International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) recruitment 2023.

If yes, great! I believe right now your priority would be how to download the IITA shortlist pdf and check if your name is out.

Not to worry, we will guide you on how to do that properly.

Is IITA Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Out?

Yes, IITA shortlisted candidates 2023/2024 is out. Applicants of the recruitment exercised which was conducted from Thursday, 9th February, 2023 to Tuesday, 28th February, 2023 can now check if their names are in the shortlist.

There are several ways to check IITA list of successful applicants; first is via email, second is SMS, thirdly is your application dashboard on IITA portal.

Email and SMS are the usual means through which International Institute of Tropical Agriculture notify shortlisted candidates.

Due to certain reasons like network etc some candidates may not get notified, imagine if they were only dependent on this it means there’s possibility that they might miss the opportunity.

Prior to this end, to further validate if your name is among IITA shortlisted candidates before final conclusion take the steps below to check or download the list online.

How to Check IITA Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Online

To check International Institute of Tropical Agriculture list of successful applicants online, you need internet connectivity, if you have that, great, let’s begin!

  • You’ll start by visiting www.jobs.iita.org
  • Click on the login button, input your email address and password as used during registration
  • On your dashboard, click application status
  • Input your application number and tab enter
  • A dialogue box will pop-up indicating if you have been shortlisted or not

Equivalent to this method, you can just download the shortlist online and do the checking offline following the steps below.

How to Download IITA Shortlisted Applicants 2023

  • First go to IITA official website www.iita.org
  • Select career from the menu bar
  • Click shortlisted candidates to download the pdf
  • Open the pdf using Adobe Reader and type in your name or application number into the search bar
  • The system will automatically redirect you to the page containing your name

That is just it on checking International Institute of Tropical Agriculture shortlisted candidates 2023. From recruitmentfile, we wish all shortlisted applicants congratulations.

What to Do After Checking IITA Job Shortlist

After checking IITA shortlisted candidates and your name is there, the next action would be to prepare for the screening/interview session.

To do this, just ensure all necessary documents are available like; academic and professional certifications, National ID card or passport, application acknowledgment page etc.

Also, do well to read core relevant materials in your discipline or better still you can get IITA interview past questions and answers which would also aid your preparation.

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