IEBC County Returning Officer Jobs in Kenya 2024 and How to Apply

IEBC County Returning Officer Jobs in Kenya 2023 and How to Apply

Are you looking for how you can apply for IEBC County Returning Officer jobs in Kenya 2024? The requirements, steps to apply, closing date, success tips and FAQs about this recruitment is available on this page, keep reading.

If you have just heard about the IEBC intake of new personnel against the forthcoming election and would wish to apply for the job then you’re on the right page.

We will carefully walk you through the appropriate steps on how to successfully submit an application for IEBC County returning officer jobs.

Just in case you do not wish to directly apply for the position of IEBC County Returning Officer Jobs but would like to explore other relevant positions, refer to the list below.

IEBC County Returning Officer Jobs in Kenya   

It is one thing to hear about or even wish to work with Kenya Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission as returning or deputy returning officer but the question is, do you understand what the job entails?

Having a proper understanding of what the job is all about fosters your interest for the position, read below the key roles and responsibilities of IEBC County Returning officers.

Key Roles of IEBC County Returning Officers

  • He or she is in charge of hiring, training, and dispatching election officials such as Presiding Officers, Polling Clerks, and ICT Clerks.
  • Resolving disputed votes.
  • Declares election results.
  • Receives and verifies poll results before announcing them in the constituency.
  • The official election result declaration form is forwarded to the national tallying center.
  • Distributes ballots and ballot boxes to all polling places. Presiding Officers staff, the polling stations.
  • Supervision of voting and vote counting in the constituency.
  • Declares the winner of a specific electoral unit.
  • Certificates are given to the winners of various elective positions.
  • Signs the official declaration of election results form.
  • Checks the legitimacy of ballot papers.

Applying for IEBC County Returning Officer jobs would be more successfully if you understand the above role and willing to adhere accordingly.

Requirements for IEBC County Returning Officer Jobs 2024

To work with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission as County Returning officer, below are the qualifications you must match.

  • A Kenyan citizen of high integrity and impartiality is required.
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • You must have a degree or diploma from a university or institution in Kenya.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Possess strong report writing abilities.
  • Proven organizational abilities.
  • Should not engage in any other remunerative activity for the duration of the engagement.
  • He or she must be a resident of the constituency in which he or she is applying for the job.
  • Knowledge of County Returning, distribution, and material retrieval is required.
  • Should have at least 6 years of experience working at a supervisory level in the public or private sector.
  • The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) code of conduct must be followed.
  • Being available throughout the entire election period is mandatory
  • You must not in any support any political party or have a preferred candidates as this are to increase sanity an ensure credibility of the commission.

How Much Do IEBC County Returning Officer Earn?

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) pays County Returning Officer Ksh. 4,000 and deputy returning officers Ksh. 3,000 every day and this lasts throughout the election period.

I’m sure judging from this alone, you would be more interested in getting the job, not to worry, keep reading to get full details including how to submit an application.

IEBC County Returning Officer Jobs Portal is the recruitment portal for IEBC County Returning Officer jobs. This is where you would be able to obtain, fill and submit the online application form.

It is important you take note of this portal as there might be other imitating sites out there pretending to offer IEBC jobs.

IEBC job application form is totally free and not amount or whatsoever is required from applicant. All you simply have to do, is approach the recruitment portal then fill and submit your form.

How to Apply for IEBC County Returning Officer Jobs 2024

  • You will start by visiting the online application portal
  • Select job vacancies from the menu bar
  • Then choose County Returning Officer
  • Read through the application instructions
  • Carefully fill the online form and upload required credentials
  • Proofread your application against possible mistakes
  • In the absence of any mistake, submit

I recommend you print out the application acknowledgement slip immediately after you successfully submit your application.

Success Tips for IEBC Returning Officer Job Application

  • Be sure not to submit your application more than once
  • Do not submit an application for more than one position at a time
  • Ensure you submit your form on or before application deadline
  • Upload all credential in the format specified and according to the stipulated size
  • In cases where you have network challenge, pause your application and resume when network is better

Before now, we have received several questions from IEBC perspective job applicants and below are some of the frequently asked questions as it directly concerns County Returning Officer.

What is the role of the IEBC County Returning Officer?

During national elections, the County Returning Officer’s job is to oversee and manage the electoral process in a specific county. They are in charge of ensuring that the voting process is smooth, accurate, and fair.

What are the requirements for the position of IEBC County Returning Officer?

A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, at least five years of relevant work experience, and registration as a Kenyan voter are required for the position of County Returning Officer. Furthermore, the candidate must have strong organizational and communication skills.

How are the IEBC County Returning Officers chosen?

The IEBC County Returning Officers are chosen through an open and competitive process that includes advertising the positions, receiving applications, and shortlisting.

What are the responsibilities and roles of an IEBC County Returning Officer?

The IEBC County Returning Officer’s roles and responsibilities include managing and supervising the county electoral process, ensuring transparency, timely delivery of election materials, timely opening and closing of polling stations, overseeing vote counting and tallying, and ensuring that results are transmitted to the national tallying center in a timely and accurate manner.

What are the difficulties that IEBC County Returning Officers face?

IEBC County Returning Officers face a variety of challenges, including logistical issues such as timely delivery of election materials and managing staff deployment, managing large numbers of voters and ensuring a smooth voting process, managing election security, and dealing with disputes or complaints from various stakeholders.

What is the salary of an IEBC County Returning Officer?

An IEBC County Returning Officer’s salary is not fixed and varies depending on several factors such as their qualifications, experience, and the county in which they work. They do, however, receive a competitive salary and benefits package.

How do I apply for the position of IEBC County Returning Officer?

When an election is approaching, the IEBC advertises for County Returning Officer positions. Respond to the advertisement, submit your application, and go through the selection process to apply for the position.

Stay updated with IEBC jobs by following us on Google News. Meanwhile if you have any questions, kindly indicate in the comment section below.

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