Botswana Defence Force Recruitment 2024/2025 BDF Application Portal

Botswana Defence Force Recruitment 2023/2024 BDF Application Portal

Botswana Defence Force recruitment 2024, BDF recruitment, how to access application form, application portal, requirements, how to apply and closing date are available in this article.

Do you reside in Botswana and have been aspiring to join Botswana Defence Force (BDF)? If yes, we’re excited to let you know that details on how to access the application portal is here.

Not just that, but every other information you know about Botswana Defence Force recruitment including the step-by-step guidelines on how to successfully submit an application are well outlined in this article.

Botswana Defence Force Recruitment Portal 2024

One of the first thing you should note about Botswana Defence Force recruitment is the online application. Irrespective of how you’re excited or have deep interest for this job, without accessing the BDF recruitment portal, you can’t go further.

Therefore, to apply for Botswana Defence Force recruitment, you have to first visit the official website, then select online application on the menu bar to access BDF recruitment portal.

Note that Botswana Defence Force recruitment application is mainly done online and you can access the application form via the official website using either your mobile device or a computer system.

Botswana Defence Force Recruitment Process

Now that you know how to access the online recruitment portal, it is important to learn about recruitment process so you know how better to prepare yourself.

There are four (4) outstanding stages in Botswana Defence Force recruitment process, these includes; interest/application phase, shortlisting of successful applicant phase, screening, and then training.

Before you can finally join Botswana Defence Force, you must go through all of these stages and missing out in any would automatically lead to disqualification.

Let’s explore each of these phases.

Interest/Application Phase

Interest here refers to prospective applicants’ curiosity to join Botswana Defence Force (BDF) while application refers to visiting BDF recruitment portal to fill and submit the intake form online.

While filling BDF online application form, ensure that you provide authentic information only, then clearly scan and upload all required documents.

Shortlisting of Successful Applicants

After the closing of BDF recruitment portal, the management of Botswana Defence Force would set up a recruiting review team to scrutinize submitted applications and names of successful applicants would be released at the end of the day.

The criteria to be shortlisted here, is simply adhering to the job requirements.


Shortlisted candidates are then submitted to a screening exercise which might likely be a CBT test. Those who do not participate would be disqualified and also only candidates who meets the cutoff mark will be carried along.


This is the final state of Botswana Defence Force recruitment where candidates who pass the CBT test would be trained for few weeks or months after which would be allowed to resume duty.

We therefore recommend, you stick diligently through each of these processes and ask questions where necessary. Having said that, let’s validate if Botswana Defence Force recruitment 2024 has started.

Has Botswana Defence Force Recruitment 2024 Started?

No, Botswana Defence Force recruitment 2024 has not yet started. To get more information as to when the recruitment is starting, visit BDF official website

Botswana Defence Force Recruitment  2024/2025 BDF Application Portal BDF Online Application Form

To access BDF online application form, you have to visit the official website, on the menu bar, hover e-services and click online applications to access BDF recruitment portal.

In addition to this, you can apply for any of the positions below.

  • Specialist Entrant
  • Recruit Private
  • Officer Cadet

Requirements for Botswana Defence Recruitment 2024

Basically, to be successful in Botswana Defence recruitment application, below are the criteria you should endeavour to meet.

  • Applicant must be Botswana’s citizens
  • He or she must have a valid means of identification like National Identity Card
  • Candidate applying must be within the age bracket of 18-24.
  • Applicant must be physically fit for the job.
  • Applicants with criminal record are not allowed to apply.
  • Males must be 160 cm tall and females must be 155 cm tall.
  • Males must weigh at least 55 kg and females must weigh at least 45 kg.
  • Female candidates are not permitted to be pregnant.
  • A BGCSE certificate with a minimum of 24 points is required.
  • Any additional qualifications would be advantageous.

Would you also like to apply for:

BDF Private Recruitment

A fundamental notice from Botswana Defence Force is that “degree holders should not apply for this post”

Also, shortlisted candidates would undergo a selection process which includes:

  • Comprehensive medical examination
  • Anthropometry (Height, Weight and BMI)
  • Aptitude test
  • Physical fitness assessment (2.4km run, push-ups and sit-ups)
  • Security clearance

In addition, candidates must possess the following personal skills and attributes

  • Be a team player.
  • Be ready to serve in a variety of geographic locations and environmental conditions.
  • Be loyal and trustworthy
  • Be Creative.
  • Quality decision making skills.
  • Perseverance
  • Problem solving skills.

BDF Salary and Other Benefits

  • The government provides 20% BDF allowance
  • Optional contributory pension fund (Govt pays 15% and employee pays 5%)
  • Free accommodation and subsidized utilities (water, gas & electricity).
  • Professional and academic growth.
  • Local and international exposure
  • Free advanced medical care.
  • Leave concession after every 2 years.

How to Join Botswana Defence Force

Follow the steps below to submit an application for Botswana Defence Force recruitment 2024.

  • First, visit the online application portal
  • Select the position you wish to apply
  • Carefully fill the online application form
  • Clearly scan and upload required documents
  • Review your application
  • Submit

Botswana Defence Force Recruitment Deadline

The application deadline for Botswana Defence Force recruitment 2024 has not yet been announced because the application process has not officially started. We will update this page once there is any information concerning that.

BDF Recruitment FAQs

To further help you, below are some of the frequently asked questions concerning Botswana Defence Force recruitment exercise.

What are the available entry points in the Defence Force?

The Defence Force has three (3) entry points (cadres) being Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) for Privates, Officer Candidates, and Special Entrant Officer Candidates.

Recruit privates feed the NCO stream while the Officer Cadets (O/CDT) make the Officer Corps of the Force.

Special Entrant Officers are recruited for their specialty and experience from the Health, Chaplaincy and Legal professions to enhance capacity of such professions in the Defence Force.

How long is basic military training?

Basic military training for Privates is six (6) months, Officer Cadets (O/CDT) one (1) year, and (6) months for Special Entrant Officers (SEO).

If I join the BDF as a Private, would I be allowed to date or marry an Officer?

In accordance with the BDF Act, relationships between Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers is strictly prohibited.

Are female trainees subjected to the same training as their male counter-parts?

Yes, there is no separate training for males and females. All trainees across all cadres undergo the same training.

We’re excited to have you read this article to this point and honestly believe that you would be able to submit your application following these steps.

Having said that, in the course of submitting your application, if you face any challenge or maybe you have a question pertaining to what you’ve read so far concerning BDF recruitment, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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