Australia Army Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal

Australia Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Portal

Australia Army Recruitment 2024/2025: Details about Australia Defence Force application form, recruitment portal, requirements, starting/closing date and how to apply are available in this post.

The Australia army recruitment 2024/2025 is ongoing. The application form is free and accessible online at, interested candidates are to visit the Australian army recruitment portal to submit application.

In this article, we have explained everything you should know about applying for Australia Army recruitment, not just that, we have outlined the application process and even how foreigners can join the Australia Defence Force.

In precise terms, this article has information in the following areas.

  • Australia Army recruitment form 2024/2025
  • Requirements for Australia Army recruitment for indigene and foreigners
  • Starting /closing date for the ongoing Australia recruitment
  • Finally, how to apply to apply for Australia Recruitment

We have also listed out dos and don’ts as far as the Australia army recruitment is concern. There’s so much to learn here, let’s get started already.

Australia Army Recruitment Form 2024/2025

The Australia Army recruitment form is what we would call the gateway to joining the Australia Defence Force and so far, we so many persons have indicated interested in this.

Both indigene and foreigners are interested in process the Australia army recruitment form and that’s a great ambition.

To get started with processing the Australian Defence Forces recruitment form is ascertaining if the recruitment is actually ongoing. Refer to the next paragraph.

Is Australia Army Recruitment Form 2024/2025 Out?

Yes, the Australia Army recruitment form is out. The application form is available from Saturday, 1st March, 2024 and will be closing on Thursday, 1st June, 2024.

Next year, the Australia army recruitment will start on 1st October, 2024 and will be closing on 30th May, 2024.

Persons interested in apply for the Australian army recruitment must do so within the stipulated period as application outside these periods will not be regarded.

Now, that you understand this, who and who is eligible to join the Australia Defence Force?

Who is Eligible to Join the Australia Army?

The Australia Army welcomes application from existing and ex-serving members of foreign defence forces who are interested in a new career and a new life in Australia.

Note: Wither you’re an indigene of Australia or not, you can apply.

Australia Army Recruitment Portal is the recruitment portal for Australia army. Prospective candidates are to visit this portal to declare their interested for the job.

When is Australia Army Recruitment Starting/Closing?

The Australian army recruitment is starting March 1, 2024 and will end June 1, 2024. Next will be October 1, 2024 and will be closing May 30, 2024.

Requirements for Australia Army Recruitment 2024

To apply for the Australian army recruitment, below are the criteria you must meet:

  • Current serving member of a foreign military service, or left less than three years ago
  • At least five years of full-time military experience
  • Qualifications, skills and experience that can be directly transferred to the Army
  • The minimum academic and military educational standards required by the Army
  • Less than 48 years old at time of application
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency in the English language (speaking, reading, writing and listening) as defined by the International English Language Testing System

To be accepted you’ll need to:

  • Be recommended by a Selection Board after interview,
  • Pass the medical entry standard for the ADF,
  • Obtain an Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Visa from the Department of Home Affairs (you and all accompanying family members will need to meet certain health and character requirements),
  • Be able to obtain and hold an appropriate level of ADF security clearance,
  • Have resigned from your current military service and not be required to perform any Reserve service, and
  • Be eligible and undertake to become – an Australian citizen.

Australia Army Recruitment Vacancies

The vacancies in Australia army are categorized into “Officer” and “other ranks”, see details below.

General Service Officer (GSO)

You’ll need to have completed a minimum level of education equivalent to an Australian Higher School Certificate (Year 12), plus a level of military commissioning training equivalent to that conducted at the Royal Military College – Duntroon.

Specialist Service Officer (SSO)

You’ll need to have obtained a level of tertiary qualifications for your specialist area of expertise – and qualify for registration with the relevant Australian registration body/authority prior to appointment. You’ll also need to have completed a level of military commissioning equivalent to the Specialist Service Officer course conducted at the Royal Military College – Duntroon.

Other Ranks (soldiers)

You’ll need to have completed a level of education equivalent to an Australian Secondary School Certificate (Year 10), plus a level of basic military training equivalent to that conducted at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion – Kapooka.

Would you also like to apply for:

Australian Army Recruitment Process

  • Your application will be managed by the Directorate of Career Management Support – Army (DCMS-A), not Defence Force Recruiting.
  • You should expect the process to take 18 to 30 months from initial expression of interest through to your first day at work in the Army.
  • During this time, you will need to meet the medical standards for Army, been deemed suitable during a board interview, granted a visa and demonstrate that you have resigned from your current military service, able to provide a separation date from all service types (full time, reserve service, etc) and gain the required security clearance.
  • Your first approach to DCMS-A (using the email form link later on this page) should be an expression of interest accompanied by a CV/resume.
  • If you are assessed as having the qualifications, experience and potential to fill an expected vacancy, you will be invited to submit a full application.
  • Once that is submitted, it will be reviewed to confirm that your skills and qualifications can be readily transferred to the Australian Army.
  • If you have been assessed as having the required skills and qualifications that can be readily transferred to the Australian Army, you will be asked to provide a full medical history which will be reviewed by a doctor to confirm if you meet the necessary medical standards for the Australian Army.
  • Additionally, you will be required to undertake a psychological screening and an interview with Defence Member and Family Support prior to attending a selection board.
  • If you obtain a successful outcome during the medical review and selection board and there is a vacancy in your identified trade a letter of offer may be extended.
  • If you accept the Letter of Offer, the Australian Army will apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Visa from the Department of Home Affairs for you and your dependants that will be accompanying you to Australia. If you and your dependants successfully obtain a visa, proof that you have or will be separating from all service types (full time, reserve service etc) before the ‘First entry date’ listed on your visa is required.

Note: Subclass 186 Visa’s will be sponsored for dependent children under the age of 21 at time of subclass 186 visa nomination submission or dependent children over the age of 21 if recognised as a dependant with special needs.

Prior to commencing work in the Australian Army, you will need to obtain the relevant security clearance.

How to Apply for Australia Army Recruitment 2024/2025

  • The first step is to visit
  • Select the position you wish to apply
  • Create an account on the recruitment portal
  • Login to the portal
  • Fill in your correct information in the spaces provided
  • Upload academic and professional credentials including guarantor’s form
  • Proofread your application carefully to avoid mistakes
  • Then submit

Please note that Australian Embassy, High Commission staff and individuals outside of DCMS-A do not have an active role in the OLRS application process.

You should address any correspondence to:

Frequently asked questions about Australia army recruitment 2024/2025.

What are the requirements for joining the Australian Army?

To join the Australian Army, you must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, aged between 17 and 55 years old, meet the minimum educational requirements, and pass the required medical and fitness assessments.

What are the educational requirements for joining the Australian Army?

The minimum educational requirement for entry into the Australian Army is a Year 10 level of education. However, some roles may require higher levels of education, such as a Year 12 certificate.

What are the physical fitness requirements for joining the Australian Army?

All candidates must meet the minimum physical fitness requirements, which include a beep test, push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2.4 km run. The specific requirements vary depending on the role you are applying for.

Can women join the Australian Army?

Yes, women can join the Australian Army in all roles, including combat roles.

How long is the initial training for new recruits?

The length of initial training varies depending on the role, but generally ranges from 20 to 80 weeks.

Is there a minimum period of service required after joining the Australian Army?

Yes, the minimum period of service is typically four years. However, this can vary depending on the role and other factors.

What benefits do Australian Army recruits receive?

Recruits receive a range of benefits, including competitive salaries, free healthcare, free dental care, access to education and training programs, and a range of other benefits.

How do I apply to join the Australian Army?

You can apply to join the Australian Army through the Defence Jobs website or by contacting a Defence Force Recruiting Centre. The application process typically involves an assessment of your eligibility, medical and fitness assessments, and an interview.

That’s basically what you should know about the Australia Army recruitment, if you have any question, let us know in the comment section below.

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